Yoga, inspirational art, antiques and brocante


Yoga, inspirational art, antiques and brocante from faded eras combine to offer inspiring choice to improve your mind, body and wider environment.

Atelier8 embraces the philosophy that lifestyle choices nurture the soul. Share the practice of thoughtful living born from the simple belief that how we live and what we buy shapes who we are and the planet we live on.

‘Using very simple techniques, I can feel my body relaxing & easing very quickly.

I have simple tools that I can use on a daily basis, without anyone knowing that I am calming myself down

e.g. before a speech or a boardroom meeting.’

─ Henry

‘Yes!!!!!! Manifestation works 100%!!!!!! You & Nigel are amazing!!! You make the day fun, interesting & fantastic, all at the same time!!!

I would love to come to another workshop’.

─ Gay Gloucestershire

‘I love how much freer I feel after one of Silke’s Feldenkrais Session!!!

Her teaching style is relaxed, clear & concise.

I can feel my body being able to move with ease & everyday activity have become so much easier’

─ Jackie


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